Thursday, 28 July 2011


1/12/11 Leeds - Cockpit
2/12/11 Manchester - Club Academy
3/12/11 Aberdeen - Lemon Tree
4/12/11 Glasgow - King Tuts
6/12/11 Newcastle - Academy2
7/12/11 Nottingham - Rock City Basement
9/12/11 Birmingham - Academy2
10/12/11 Bristol - Thekla
11/12/11 Portsmouth - Wedgewood Rooms
12/12/11 Falmouth - Princess Pavillion
14/12/11 London - Islington Academy
15/12/11 Southend Chinnerys

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Quarter Life Crisis

Life is like the first Super Mario game; you can’t go back. But the further I awkwardly settle into adult life, the more I view my past achievements with a kind of dreamy, wide-eyed nostalgia. I’m enjoying myself now but the successes that I achieve in the studio do nothing to feed my hungry ego. I considered a side/vanity project but I am working long hours and I couldn’t afford it the time to make it really great. I thought about just growing up and getting over it but that niggling poke-in-the-brain wouldn’t relent. So B-Unique (my publishers and friends for the last eight years) suggested I do a few last Ordinary Boys shows while I was still in my twenties to give the band a proper burial. At first it seemed absurd. I don’t listen to the same music that I did when the band was active, I haven’t performed live for five years or so and it seemed unlikely that anyone would even want to see us after all this time… But then I remembered what it was like to play those early Ordinary Boys songs and nothing else seemed to matter!
I have made the SpinalTap-esque phone calls trying to rally the others and hopefully I can get most of the boys together. There is even some talk of some Japanese festivals. It is so easy to mindlessly and habitually whizz through life without savouring the fun times. These few shows, should they happen, will be a chance to play some shows for no reason beyond the fun of playing. I want to play mainly the first record and some b-sides and maybe some rougher, sweatier versions of some of the singles. I just need something loud and fast in my life and I want to do it before I turn 30 next year. Even writing this blog is getting my heart racing in anticipation! Hopefully see you in the mosh pit!